How to buy or sell your property

How to buy property

The realtor will provide you with the useful help when you have decided to purchase a property.
In case you will decide to work with us we together with our lawyers will prepare for you the whole pack of documents you will need for buying the property. The pack of documents includes: drafting of the preliminary contract, checking the property for encumbrances, drafting the title deeds, respectively all documents in the specific case including the following registration after you become an owner. We can represent you at the time of the deal (sign the deal on your behalf).

How to sell your property

The easiest way to sell your property is to turn to realtor.
If you have decided to sell your property through us we would like to conclude the agreement for its sale. By this agreement we will have the rights to advertise your property. We will make a view for free and will advise you for the best selling price. By our judgment if any need we can offer to you some small repairs just to acquire the better price. When we find a buyer for your property we will prepare all needed documents for the sale. We can represent you at the time of the deal (sign the deal on your behalf) before the notary.