We’ll help you getting a mortgage to buy the property via bank, we can help you with negotiating a schema for paying monthly installments.

Lawyer services:
The lawyers from our team can consult you for the possibilities of long term staying in Bulgaria, opening of the company, commercial representation, drafting of the preliminary contracts for purchasing of the property, drafting of the title deeds, they can represent you during the purchase/ sale of the your property. They can provide you with legal consultation at any time you need it.

If you are an owner of the property and you want to let it than we can help you with finding the tenants, taking care of your property for the period it is going to be rented out. We are checking out periodically the condition of the property at the presence of the tenant/s and signing the protocol.

Property management:
If you are an owner of the individual property we can do a checking of it every month or several times of the year, depends on the contract signed between us. For this purpose we’ll send you a pictures, will pay on your behalf the taxes to the municipality, will pay the consumables such as electricity and water bills. We can advise you to remodel a heating system to decrease the costs for electricity, we can advise you to install the heating boiler, changing of the furniture, furnishing of the whole property etc., cleaning before your arrival and after you left the property.

You are a group of owners in the same building – we can take the maintenance and management not only to the single apartment but to whole building.

With our help you can insure your property, car, movables, ets.